(Parents’ Universal Resource Experts) Managing Your Online Reputation: Learning about Cyber Safety with your Kids

cybersafe.jpgAs a victim and now a survivor of Online Attacks, Internet Defamation, Cyberstalkers from extremely disturbed people (in my opinion) I have fought back and won! In an unprecedented jury verdict for damages, I was awarded $11.3M for what one woman did to me and my family online. The jury took time to read the hundreds of posts of clear defamation and slander in an attempt to destroy me, my organization and hurt my family.

In many interviews I have been asked “why” do people find the need to hurt others? I simply don’t have that answer. We can speculate, but I believe deep down people are not happy with themselves and feel the need to project their misery on to others.

John Dozier of Dozier Internet Law wrote an excellent article the outlines potential persona’s of these type of people. “The Ten Top Blogger Personas: The Mobosphere Unvieled.” Then Jacqui Cheng wrote about the “Nutjobs” that feel the need to hurt others online.

It is obvious this is a growing problem and with the recent tragic news of the young Meaghan Miers, it is time to learn how we can protect our children online.

Internet acronyms parents should know:

AITR: Adult In The Room

P911: Parent Emergency

PAW: Parents Are Watching

PIR: Parent In Room

POS: Parent Over Shoulder

MOS: Mom Over Shoulder

MIRL: Meet In Real Life

S2R: Send To Receive (pictures)

CD9: Code 9 (parents are around)

E or X: Ecstasy (the drug)

ASL(R P): Age Sex Location (Race / Picture)

TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me

As a Parent Advocate, this is information that today’s parents need to be aware of. Being an educated parent can you keep your children safe online. Then Internet has a lot of great qualities, but you still need to put safety first.

Read more about Online Reputation and Personal Responsibility.

Take the time to protect your online reputation – if you need to reach out for help,Reputation Defender is one of the services today that has helped protect many people and takes extra steps to protect our children with MyChild.

I have meet with my Florida Senator twice and we have our first meeting with our Congresswoman shortly.  I will continue to advocate for safety online – it has become a number one priority to help keep not only kids safe, but everyone. More and more people on a daily basis are becoming victims of online scams, identity theft and more.  It is time to make some changes.  It is not about chilling free speech, it is about protecting our kids and ourselves.

By Sue Scheff

Parent’s Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.)

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