Parents Universal Resource Experts (Sue Scheff) The Addictive Danger of Meth

Just Once
There are some drugs so addictive – all it takes is one time for a person to get hooked. That’s what happens with crystal meth addiction. Narcotics officer Jason Grellner says it is the drug that police hate most, because they see first hand what crystal meth addiction does to kids from all walks of life and how families cope with crystal meth addiction.

“This is the most addictive drug we’ve ever seen … it’s not ‘I tried it once, I didn’t like it, I never went back to it.’ This is, ‘I tried it … I need it … I’ll risk my life and the lives of my friends to get it.”
Could it happen to your child?

In Just Once you’ll hear true stories about crystal meth addiction from kids like yours — an honor student with a full scholarship to college who tried meth once and in six months became an addict and a jailed felon. A teen who went blind “cooking” meth at home. Each year, 12 million kids try meth – and, says officer Grellner, “we don’t have many success stories of people getting off of it until their lives are completely ruined.”

See How Families Cope with Crystal Meth Addiction
The stories and the realities are frightening. But the DVD Just Once is not about scaring our children. It’s about teaching them, warning them, guiding them. Just Once is a program every parent should watch with his or her child to learn how families cope with crystal meth addiction.

Watch Just Once today … don’t let meth ruin your child’s life. Learn how families cope with crystal meth addiction.