Parents Universal Resource Experts – Sue Scheff: Troubled Teens, Struggling Teens, At Risk Teens

Are you struggling with your teen? Visit P.U.R.E. – Parents Universal Resource Experts – Parents helping parents.



P.U.R.E. is based on reality – especially with today’s teen society of technology including MySpace and other Internet concerns for children. Today we are educating children at much younger ages about substance abuse, sex, and more.



The latest wave of music and lyrics, television, and movies help to contribute to generate a new spin on this age group.



This leads to new areas of concern for parents. We recognize that each family is different with a variety of needs. P.U.R.E. believes in creating Parent Awareness to help you become an educated parent in the teen help industry.



We will give you a feeling of comfort in a situation that can be confusing, stressful, frustrating, and sometimes desperate.Desperate? Confused? Stressed? Anxious? Helplessness? Frustrated? Scared? Exhausted? Fearful? Alone? Drained? Hopelessness? Out of Control? At Wit’s End?…