Sue Scheff: Low Self Worth and Teen Depression

Teen low self esteem can lead to teen depression.  Author Gary Nelson has written a most compelling story of his journey with his son and family dealing with teen depression in his new book.

Read his recent post – that can help many parents take a moment to pause and consider their own teens and how they are feeling.

Source: Dr. Gary Nelson – Author of “A Relentless Hope, Surviving Teen Depression’

Depression hides under a lot of rocks, including “low self-esteem.” It is truly amazing how many different ways depression can hide and fail to be recognized for what it is – a potentially very dangerous illness that can wreck and even take the lives of teens and adults. Many times I’ve listened as a pastoral counselor and pastor as teens have told me that they believed for a long time that they had suffered from “low self-esteem.” In most cases that meant they had been suffering from depression but never knew it. They and others around them simply thought they had “low self-esteem.” That also means the teen went all that time suffering instead of getting the necessary help. Learn to look under the rocks. When you hear a teen say they just suffer from “low self-esteem,” take a closer look. You might just lead them toward the help they need.

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