Parents Universal Resource Experts – Sue Scheff: Family Intel – Intelligent for Busy Families

FamilyIntelLogoFamily Intel  Intelligent Solutions for Busy FamiliesWow – who can’t relate to this today?
What they do:

The challenges and pressures parents face in today’s fast-paced world are far different from those just a generation ago. According to Pew Research Center, the majority of people say parents today have a tougher job than parents 20 years ago. Family life has changed. 

Fortunately, families are not forced to tackle these responsibilities unprepared and hope for the best. Respected authors continually publish books that provide insights on managing the daily efforts to raise children and strengthen families.

However, no single book covers all the issues or solves all the problems associated with parenting and marriage. In addition, super-busy families with hectic schedules, long work hours, and school and sports activities are left with little — if any — time to sort through the vast and overwhelming options, let alone read them all.

FamilyIntel equips busy families with practical, actionable intelligence to meet the parenting and marriage challenges they face each day.

We summarize significant parenting, marriage, and family relationship books and put the key points into quick, easy-to-understand digests. Our book summaries help hurried families who want intelligent solutions from leading experts on raising children and building strong, healthy family relationships.

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