Parents Universal Resource Experts – Sue Scheff: Inside the BIG Book of Parenting Solutions

Over the past weeks I have brought you inside one of the largest parenting books on the market, BIG Book of Parenting Solutions written by parenting expert, Dr. Michele Borba.

As the holidays are approaching, if you have any parents, parents-to-be, educators, daycare providers, therapists or anyone working with today’s children on your holiday gift list, you can’t go wrong with BIG Book of Parenting Solutions.  Are you attending a baby shower?  This is the manual the hospital should give out when your child is born.

Thanks to Wiley Publishers, they have offered you an inside peek at the actual pages!  I have given you sneak peeks of the educational information, now you can see on this slide show exactly how much more there is to this cookbook of recipes targeted at parenting! 

Previous sneak peeks: (1) Gratitude Recipes: Big Book of Parenting Solutions, (2) Parenting 101: Ungrateful teens and children (3) Seven Deadly Parenting Styles, (4) Sex Talk with your Children, (5) Gifted children, (6) Money and your kids, (7) Oppositional Defiant Disorder, (8) Sibling Rivalry, (9) Overweight teens and children, (10) Lying

Click here for Slide Show.