Parents Universal Resource Experts – Sue Scheff: Parenting Resolutions with Solutions (part 3)

On the last half of 101 topics that are discussed in The BIG Book of Parenting Solutions, Michele Borba will delve into the social scene and school.  If you missed the sneak peek series, go back and read about what this massive book has to offer.

Michele Borba Has Answers to Parents Everyday Challenges & Worries

101 topics the author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions can address


49. Bad Friends
50. Bullied
51. Bullying
52. Cliques
53. Clothes and Appearance
54. Crushes
55. Disciplining Other Kids
56. Drinking
57. Friendship Breakups
58. Growing Up Too Fast
59. Peer Pressure
60. Rejected
61. Role Models
62. Sex
63. Sharing
64. Steroids
65. Tattles
66. Teased


67. Day Care
68. Gives Up
69. Homework
70. Leadership
71. Organized Sports
72. Procrastinates
73. Reading
74. Sick Enough to Stay Home
75. Teacher Conference
76. Test Anxiety

The final quarter – Special Needs and Day to Day parenting.

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Resolution Reminder: Parenting 2010 – Getting ten steps ahead of your kids with technology.

Watch the short video  and get an inside look at this BIG Book and how it will help you help your kids!  Be a smarter parent in 2010!