Parents Universal Reource Experts – Sue Scheff: Teens and New Year’s Eve – With a Twist

Parenting teens is not always easy, but being involved in their lives can help build your relationship with them and have fun at the same time!

What is on your schedule to ring in the New Year?  What plans do your teens have?  One thing is for sure, most teenagers want to celebrate and have fun, just like many adults plan on doing.  However, for teens we need to find fun things that are age appropriate yet give them a sense of grown-up style!

The twist: Finding the fun that everyone will enjoy! Here are some ideas for your teens and family to bring in a safe and healthy New Year.

  • What’s in that punch?  Teenage drinking should never be allowed, but you can create fancy drinks with blenders without the alcohol content.  Spice up the Shirley Temples with a variety of juices.  Let your teens create a drink – have fun experimenting with different sodas and juices!
  • Board games are boring! Are they?  Find a game everyone can participate in.  Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and of course, Twister is always good for a few laughs! Especially as the teens will laugh at the adult attempting to move their bodies in ways that are not as easy as they used to be.
  • Go ahead, have a party! Teens love to be surrounded with their friends.  Invite a few over, have a movie marathon, get some great food, create those Virgin drinks and be part of their fun.  Surprise them by even getting the music they like and attempt to break out your moves.
  • Dancing! Like a dancing machine, show your teens you are no square, teach them your generation of moves! Do the Hustle!  The fun won’t end and this will be a New Year’s Eve they won’t forget.  By the way, don’t forget to film (video) it!

Ring in 2010 with a bit of the eighty’s, you and your teens will have a blast going into the past and paving out the future! Enjoy, stay safe and be healthy!

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