Parents Universal Resource Experts – Sue Scheff: Teens Going Green

Today many are concerned about the earth and global warming.  Many people participate in recycling and re-using shopping bags as well as other ways to conserve energy.  Teaching our children while they are young will help them continue to preserve our environment.

Today’s teens are more wired up, plugged in, worldly and savvy than ever. Many care deeply about the threats facing our environment, and are committed to making difference. But it’s not always easy to know exactly what to do. Here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. When You’re Done Surfing and IMing, Turn Your Computer Off. If you shut your machine off before bedtime, you’ll save an average of $90 worth of electricity a year – tell your parents that, and ask for a raise in your allowance! If you must leave your computer on, tell it to go into “sleep” or “hibernate” mode, which saves power. Save even more juice by unplugging your computer (or flip the switch on a surge protector) to stop the “phantom load” problem.
  2. Put Together a Cool Vintage Outfit. Impress your friends with your fab style sense when you show up to a party in a vintage Betsey Johnson number (you can find gently used clothing for a steal at thrift stores and garage sales). Go glam by raiding your parents’ closet for 1970s and ’80s pants, vests and jackets.
  3. Instead of Insisting on Driving, Catch the School Bus. No, it may not be as cool as driving yourself, but it is a lot safer, according to the National Academies of Science and Engineering. Buses are also much more fuel efficient than cars, saving gas and lowering emissions that cause global warming.
  4. Get Involved! Most schools have environment or Earth Day clubs, so give them a chance! It’s a great way to meet nice people, and you can learn so much from your peers. Many clubs convince their schools to recycle, start a garden or hold an Earth Day fair.
  5. Turn Off the Lights Behind You. Remember that riddle about the tree falling in the forest when no one is around? Well, why leave a light on when no one is around? It’s just plain waste. Your parents may even bug you about it because they have to pay the energy bills, and they know lighting accounts for an average of 11% of that total.
  6. Join the “Virtual March.” Founded by eco-warrior Laurie David, Senator John McCain and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a Web-based effort to bring people together to take a stand against climate change. So far nearly 900,000 people have joined up to demand that our leaders begin reducing carbon dioxide emissions now.
  7. Help Lose the Litter. Littering is a blight on our landscape that chokes wildlife and releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down. Plus it’s just plain ugly! Many neighborhoods hold regular cleanups, so volunteer! It’s an easy way to get some exercise while making a difference and meeting new people.

More suggestions –> Continue. Part two.

Source: The Daily Green, Brian Clark Howard

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