Parents Universal Resource Experts – Sue Scheff: Losing in America – Unemployment rising, should your teen pursue their goal or choose a job in demand

It is that time of the year again. Parents of teenagers graduating from high school or college are facing career decisions. What about taking a “gap year“? With today’s high unemployment should your teen consider a job that is in demand rather than going for their dream job?

What is best for your child and their goals?

  • 2-year college
  • 4-year college
  • Vocational School/Tech School
  • Grad School
  • State, private or community college

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, it is an individual choice depending on what is best both financially and professionally for your teen.

Pursuing your dreams versus choosing a career where jobs are plentiful. What do you say when your child’s dream is not practical? How can parents help their children choose a career path that is successful and rewarding.

  • Encourage your child to explore his or her options. Be supportive by asking your child, “Can I help you get connected?” or “Can I help you with researching a career?”
  • You need to remember this is not your career decision. Have trust in your child and be supportive, yet informative.
  • The world of work has changed since many parents made their first career choice. So some parents need to realize some of their information might be outdated.
  • Direct your child to resources where he or she can research his or her desired career.

Reference: Connect with Kids

As a parent, we always want our children to be happy. Helping your child find their ideal job may take longer than usual in today’s economy, however loving what you do in life can be priceless. In Florida Career Builders of Florida and College Grad in Florida may offer you further assistance in finding the perfect career for your teen.

Be an educated parent, you will be prepared and your children will have a bright future. Read more.

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