Teens Smoking Cigarettes

A casual smoking habit can easily turn into a lifelong battle with addiction. Find out how to keep your teen from starting to smoke – or help him/her quit now.

With school opening, peer pressure can start.  Maybe a friend picked up this bad habit of smoking and your teen is curious about it.  Curiosity is normal – however be sure you have taken the time to talk to you your teen over and over again about the dangers of smoking.  It is a topic you don’t just talk about once, you have to remind your teen over and over about taking care of their bodies.

The Florida Quitline has valuable information, resources and tips to help you or your teen to quit smoking. It is easier said than done, as with many addictions, you have to have the desire to quit before you can start to give it up.

Not On Tobacco (N-O-T) is a state of the art anti-tobacco program specifically designed for high school students who want to quit smoking. N-O-T helps teens to stop smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke by identifying why they smoke, pinpointing social influences that encourage them to smoke, combating social pressures, understanding immediate benefits of quitting, setting realistic and attainable goals for change, and developing life management skills.

Call 1-800-LUNGUSA to learn more about N-O-T in your area.  Read more.