Have you talked to your daughter’s about PBB’s?

PBB’s?  Periods, bra’s and boys!

Being a parent sometimes has it moments that you are out of your comfort zone.  Every parent, well, almost every parent, dreads the birds and the bees discussion, however today more than ever, the talk has to start earlier.

With today’s ever expanding Internet as well as more and more valuable information that is available to parents, there are also some excellent books to help your tween take that leap into teen-hood a bit more smoothly.

One book that was recently released has received a tremendous amount of praise.  The Pink Locker Society, although using fictional characters, could very well be your own daughter.  This is a book that you and your daughter, as well as her friends could start a great conversation about and maybe even start your own book club.

The introduction to this fabulous book can be found on the web.  Visit The Pink Locker Society website and get a sneak peek of the characters and even read the first chapter!

Some of the most popular questions girls have are asked and answers are questions about getting their periods, boy crushes, and breast issues. As a parent, may have talked to their tweens about these sensitive subjects, however having a group of peer to talk to can really help understand they are not alone.  Let’s face it, this is a trying time for them and being able to see others (their peers) are struggling too helps them see their questions are not stupid.

Recently a student at Crookshank Elementary School, Liza, commented that she would love to meet the girls she read about (knowing they are fictional), and one of them does remind her of herself.  She didn’t want to tell us which one.  Liza also said that she has shared this book with some of her friends, and they all really enjoyed it.  It is an easy read, and a quick read.  Caitlin says, “Like my mom would say, it is a page turner.”

Order today and get in the know about periods, bra’s and boys!