Students, teachers and beneficial mistakes

As we round up first semester of school, a recent article entitled “Five Mistakes Students and Teachers Should Make” was released. They write “mistakes lead to learning and growing. Mistakes challenge you to learn from them in order to succeed. Mistakes represent success in disguise.”

Their suggested mistakes include:

1. Pick the wrong major: A student should explore any possibility that interests him, and future careers might just be around the corner. Remember, “If you don’t know what to do, it’s OK!”

2. Get too involved: Getting good grades and attending classes are all very important, but in the end, it is just a portion. Join clubs, help out with your community and strive to go above and beyond assignment guidelines. Learn about and participate in the things of interest … that will not only make the student a more knowledgeable and skilled individual, but also create a larger interest in the student’s education.

3. Assume your teachers don’t know everything: Students may view their teachers as gods who know everything, but that really is not the case. Students should view teachers as individuals who can help them grasp and understand concepts in class. Students can research answers on their own and get their own opinions instead of having the teachers tell them the answers.

4. Take a day off: In this sense, students have power in their education, but it is also their responsibility to learn and be proactive in their education. So students can slack off here and there, but they should always keep in mind how that might affect their schoolwork. Take a day off to recharge, check out class notes online and relax. You may come back a refreshed student. Just don’t do it too often!

5. Talk too much: Students can be under the impression that they must maintain some distance between themselves and their teachers. Intimidated, afraid, or whatever it might be, they do not confront their teacher when they have a problem about their class. Whatever the case, students cannot get help about a class if they remain distant from their teacher. Students need to be on friendly terms with their teachers in order to best get help in their classes. Go to office hours, stop in after school, or e-mail questions as they come. Not only will they get help, but they will also get the maximum potential of knowledge from the class.

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