Teen Loneliness – Teen Depression – Teen Suicide

You can be surrounded by family and friends and still feel alone.

You can be alone in your home and feel full of life.

As an adult, there are those that struggle with being alone at the holidays.  Even with maturity and intelligence, loneliness can be frightening.

As a teenager, it can be more difficult.  Teens want to be accepted, as do adults, however in many ways their feelings are not mature enough to understand that you are never really alone if you can find your happiness from within.

Everyone has moments of sadness, that is normal.  Everyone feels alone at one time or another, but when the holidays are here, it can escalate your feelings of sadness.

Many parents get caught up in the hustle and stress of the holidays – from buying Christmas gifts you know you can’t afford, to grocery shopping and cooking the meals – parenting at the holidays can be considered overtime work.

However, if you have a teen in your home that seems to be feeling a bit blue, be sure you include them in your work.  Encourage them to join you in the kitchen – even let them help you wrap gifts for others.  Let your teen know that their family is always there for them.

During the holidays, sadly we hear more about suicides, including teen suicide.  In Florida and Broward County we have Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention.  Know the warning signs and don’t be a parent in denial.

Learn more – be an educated parent, you will have safer and healthier teens.

Being alone at Christmas can be a blessing.  Take the time to count those blessings, watch an old movie, take a long walk and just enjoy being with yourself.  Your teens will learn by your example.

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