Four Letters Words Your Kids Should Know

When you hear the term, four letter words, several words come to mind.

Schools have opened in Broward County, there are four letter words that can help encourage children not only in school, but at home.

Most people think of four letter words as inappropriate for children. If you can get your mind out of the gutter, you will realize there are many positive four letter words we should be teaching our children.

Here are 10 four letter words we should encourage our kids to use every day.

  1. Hope – Children tend to live in the here-and-now so they may need to be reminded to have hope for the future. If things aren’t going well today kids should have hope that everything will eventually turn out alright.
  2. Love – Everyone needs to know they’re loved, especially children. Let your kids know you love them and encourage them to love others as well.
  3. Good – Kids need to be taught the difference between good and evil. A strong sense of what’s right and wrong will help them later on in life as the lines between the two tend to get blurred.
  4. True – Besides good and evil, kids need to know the difference between true and false. With all the cartoons and video games they’re exposed to, they need to know what’s real. They also should learn how harmful a lie can be.
  5. Give – Children can learn at an early age the importance of giving. Kids need to know that sharing with others, especially those less fortunate, can really make them feel good about themselves.
  6. Care – Kids tend to get pretty wrapped up in themselves, so it doesn’t hurt to remind them to care for others. Teach your children to be caring for other people in their daily lives.
  7. Life – How critical it is to teach your kids the importance of life. Encourage your children to enjoy life every day and let them know how precious it is.
  8. Play – Parents can get so focused on their child’s education and development that they sometimes forget to let kids be kids and just play. Make sure your kids know how to have fun.
  9. Best – There’s so much emphasis these days on making sure kids don’t feel like losers that the importance of kids being winners gets lost. Encourage your children to work hard and always strive to be the best.
  10. Wise – Children are so perceptive and often express a wisdom that amazes us adults. Take the time to learn from your kids and help nourish their ability to be wise.

Come to think of it, these ten words are not only good to teach our children, but these are also four letter words we should remember to use in our own lives every day. The next time you hear a bad four letter word or are thinking of using one yourself, think of a good four letter word to use instead. Then just think of what a better place the world would be if everyone did the same. Remember to teach your kids that the words they choose to use can really make a difference.

Source:  Change of Address

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