Teen Dating: Warning Signs of Teen Dating Abuse

Never stop talking to your teen about the risks of dating abuse.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner – and many teens feel they need to have a date!  Some adults even feel that way.

What does love mean?

Do you remember your first love?  The high school or even middle school crush you had?

It is no different today.  Teenagers are vulnerable and like many kids, yearn for acceptance.  This sometimes can turn into ugly situations.  Peer pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially around Valentine’s Day or when Proms are approaching.

Part of parenting is knowing the warning signs of dating violence.  Most know communication with our teens is key, however we also know that many times our teens are not the most communicative with their parents.  In which case we need to be aware of their actions and their moods.

If your teen is in a relationship and you are noticing:

Your teen:

  • pologizes and/or makes excuses for his/her partner’s behavior.
  • Loses interest in activities that he/she used to enjoy.
  • Stops seeing friends and family members and becomes more and more isolated.
  • Casually mentions the partner’s violent behavior, but laughs it off as a joke.
  • Often has unexplained injuries or the explanations often don’t make sense.

The Partner:

  • Calls your teen names and puts him/her down in front of others.
  • Acts extremely jealous of others who pay attention to your teen.
  • Thinks or tells your teen that you, the parent(s), don’t like them.
  • Controls your teen’s behavior, checking up constantly, calling or texting,
    and demanding to know who he/she has been with.


  • See the partner violently lose their temper, striking or breaking objects.

Break the silence and be part of the solution.  Start the conversation now!

Download this (free) handbook to learn how:
A Parent’s Guide to Teen Dating Violence:
 10 Questions to Start the Conversation

For immediate assistance or to talk to a trained advocate:
Call the National Dating Abuse Helpline
24 hours a day at 1-866-331-9474 [1-866-331-8453 TTY]

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship safe from violence and fear. Protect your teens from an abusive situation by learning these warning sign.

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Source: LoveIsNotAbuse.org

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