Teens Keeping Busy in the Summer

What plans do you have for your teen this summer?

Will they have a job? Will they be hanging out in the neighborhood?  Maybe catching up on some community service hours and volunteering.

Whatever you decide it is a fact to keep your teens busy so that they don’t find themselves busy in a way that may not be what you want.  Like a trip to the local sheriff’s office!

Do you know your teen’s friends?
Do you know where your teen surfs online?
Do you know where your teen hangs out?
Do you know what your teen does in their spare time?

If you answered no to any of these questions, now it the time to find out.  Summer has a lot of down time.  There is nothing wrong with vegging a little and taking some time to relax from their studies, but be sure they are playing it safe and keeping within boundaries you approve of.

Do you suspect your teen is using drugs? Drinking?
Are you skeptical of the kids they are hanging out with?
Is your teen being secretive about where they are going or what they are doing?

Communication is key to a parent/teen relationship.  Start it now.  Talk, talk and more talk.  Start the conversation and before it leads to a confrontation.

If you find yourself at your wit’s end and realize your teen has spiraled out-of-control, you are being held hostage in your own home (not literally, but figuratively) please visit www.helpyourteens.com and learn about getting your that extra help.

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