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Vanessa Van Petten the young author of You’re Grounded  and offers an informational and incredible website about teens today!  Visit www.onteenstoday.com and you will be amazed at the subjects and questions and answers you can find by exploring her website.

From Vanessa:

Welcome Brave Parents!

HOORAY! Finally, parenting advice from the kid’s perspective! It’s usually impossible to get more than one-word-answers from us, but with my book “You’re Grounded!” and my blog, I hope I can be honest about real issues that teens and pre-teens are dealing with, so you, the parents, can actually understand us (well at least a small part of our world)…and we can finally develop better relationships.

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the mind of a teenager?
As a teenager, have you ever wondered why parents really make your curfew so early?
As a parent, have you hoped for a better understanding of the teenage years?


I wrote this book when I was 17, I interviewed over 700 teenagers to bring you our real advice. I know that teens often feel lost and angry, and parents usually wish they can read our minds, because at around age 15, we start pulling away.

Please read my testimonials and description below of how my book can change. your. family. If you feel like you need to get to know me better first, no problem! I offer tons of free advice with daily posts, interviews and stories right here on the main page of my blog so you can get to know me. You can also sign up by email in the box on the right, bookmark my page or RSS!

You can also check out my new ebook: The Dirt E-Secrets of an Internet Kid!

I learned the hard way that parent-child relationships are precious. I want to help you and your family bridge the gap. Please email me with any questions!

We can do it together,